The best post-purchase experience for you and your customers alike.

Use post-purchase touch points to drive sales. Destress your customer service team.
Turn delivery issues into cash.

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Gain control over your post-purchase experience and unlock sales potential.

Tracking page

Engage customers with your branded tracking page

Tailor the page to fit your brand, keeping customers in your world, not the carrier’s.

Proactive Comms

Pro-actively send tracking updates via email and WhatsApp

From dispatch to doorstep, keep your customers in the loop with proactive 
shipping updates via Klaviyo and WhatsApp.


Generate sales and boost retention with tailored campaigns

Showcase promotions, new products, and more to encourage continued engagement and drive repurchases.


Understand carrier performance and customer behaviour

Leverage data on carrier performance, delivery
metrics, and customer behaviour to enhance your post-purchase experience.


Insure your shipments and hand over parcel-related customer service

Solve customer dissatisfaction, costs and operational load caused by shipping issues - we take care of it all!

“Prior to using Karla, maintaining customer engagement throughout the delivery process was a significant challenge. Implementing Karla’s customer-centric tracking page, coupled with proactive shipment updates via email and WhatsApp, has elevated our post-purchase customer journey, markedly improving customer retention and encouraging repeat purchases.”

Philip Autengruber
Operations Lead at JONA Sleep

Thanks to Karla, we now offer complete delivery transparency to our customers, reducing the volume of delivery-related inquiries by 60%.Moreover, the branded post-purchase touchpoints have proven to be a powerful retention tool, significantly boosting retention with an ROI of 12, solely from tracking page revenues. I highly recommend Karla to others seeking similar benefits!

Benjamin Porten
CEO & Founder at Naughty Nuts

“Ensuring a seamless delivery experience with reliable tracking is paramount for our customers when awaiting their frozen pizzas. Remarkably, up to 60% of our customers visit their tracking page during delivery. Karla has empowered us to capitalise on these additional touchpoints for upselling and retention.”

CEO & Co-Founder at FREDA

Here is how our customers benefit from Karla.

Customer Success Stories

Reduced the volume of delivery-related inquiries by 80%.

Automated reordering of damaged goods: €3,000+ additional revenue per month.

Happy integration!

Karla integrates with any carrier you fancy and your shop system (we’re a bit picky though: only Shopify or Shopware!).


Most people say we’re actually very pleasant to talk to...See for yourself.
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